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Complete Midwifery Services

The Complete Midwifery Services

Here at The Nurture Mama, we value true continuity of midwifery care throughout antenatal, labour and birth and postnatal care and ensure it shows through our complete midwifery services. We know that having a midwife known to you and trusted by you, there for you, every step of the way, is essential when pathing the way for a safer, more positive and blissful, bump, birth and beyond experience. One that you will cherish and be proud of.

With the NHS currently being overstretched, offering very much a one-size fits all service, and inevitably, with all good intentions, a fiercely intervention focused service, focus for everyone, vitally needs to be on cultivating self-trust.

Our Complete Midwifery package is for you if you wish for private midwifery care and support, from the same midwife, from your very first antenatal appointment, through to your final postnatal appointment. The Complete Midwifery Package includes care during either a homebirth or a hospital birth. If you opt for a hospital birth the NHS hospital you are booked at within the West Midlands will dictate in what capacity your midwife can be in at your birth.

One idea that we would like you to think about if you are considering a Complete Midwifery Package, is that if you are fully informed, well prepared and empowered, you may not want or feel the need to decide where you intend to give birth until labour begins.We offer you this flexibility, because we know that it can positively impact on your whole experience. We will strive to ensure you feel adequately prepared, facilitating this open-minded approach to your birth.

And on the other hand, if you are set on particular birth preferences we will welcome and support these wholeheartedly.

"Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through Birth." – Marcie Macari

Your Birthing Preference

Here at The Nurture Mama, we provide a midwifery service which accommodates all types of births. All care and or support is the same as other packages either side of the birth.

On the day of your birth, your midwife would be available to attend your birth in whatever capacity you need, whether that be named midwife or extra support, and will remain with you for additional postnatal care and or support for a good few hours after you give birth.

In the following days, your midwife will then be able to follow up with you at home as soon as you wish or need.

"I'm choosing to have a planned caesarean birth"

Your birth is soon to be approaching, if you wish to, you can enter into discussions with your midwife around your birth preferences. We encourage you to share how you wish your birth to unfold and to have any important questions you may have answered.

In keeping with our standards of continuity of midwifery care, your midwife will be available and honoured to accompany you along with your birth partner to theatre for your birth.

"I'm hoping for a planned natural birth"

What this means to you should be based entirely on your personal views and choices. Have a think about what ‘natural’ birth means to you… Have a think about where you would feel most confident birthing in this way. And lastly have a think about how you can build your confidence and self-trust right up and ready for your birth.

P.S. We will be here for you, helping you with this every step of the way! THIS is what we are ALL about!

"Homebirth? Yes, please!"

Do your picture yourself having a homebirth? Contact us and we can help you explore this more.

Here at The Nurture Mama homebirths are a service we can absolutely provide care and suppot for. Homebirths are surrounded by a lot of myths and stigma, let us dispel these for you (if you have experienced this) and let us encourage you to explore homebirth with an open mind.

"I'm not sure on my birth plan..."

This is more common than you realise. People mistake preferences for a plan. No one knows how their birth will unfold and therefore cannot plan their birth, this is not a what a birth plan is and this is why we prefer to call them/discuss them with you, as birth preferences.

One thing we can be certain of is you will have certain preferences, everyone does! You can plan ahead for what you would prefer in different situations, this is great to do, it reinforces YOUR power and encourages confidence and your open mind.

"I feel empowered and in control of external factors." – The Nurture Mama

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