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it's all about you (and your bump)

Your Bump, Your Birth, Your Beyond

Whether you wish for just antenatal care, postnatal care, or care throughout your journey, we will be there, for you, and WITH you, lifting you UP!

During your initial consultations we will work together with you to establish your wishes and preferences, give you the time to hopefully see that everything aligns for you, and outline what you can expect from us and when.

We hold all The Nurture Mama's CORE values close to our hearts and ensure they run deep throughout everything we do. We will endeavour to provide you with the BEST, unbiased, personalised, mother and baby centred independent midwifery care, EVERY step of the way.

"Empowering you with mother and baby-centred care with the right guidance and support." – The Nurture Mama

Antenatal Midwifery

Care and support from as early as you need and throughout your pregnancy

Cultivating self trust and self belief contributing to a more positive bump, birth and beyond


The Continuity of Care

By opting for any of set the midwifery packages, you are guaranteed to be cared for by the SAME independent midwife. True continuity of midwifery carer promotes a strong bond between a mother and her midwife, which in turn nurtures a mother's strength, self trust and belief, not to mention the other benefits such as reduced interventions and improved overall experience.

All of our midwifery packages provide you 24/7 access to your personal midwife, ensuring she is there for you always, but especially during any time of need, throughout your care.

We also have a system in place that guarantees we are available on-call from 37 weeks until you give birth, if you choose a COMPLETE MIDWIFERY package.We are FULLY INSURED for ALL stages of independent midwifery care and we take great pride in this.

We also organise our caseloads so that those who want labour and birth care, are guaranteed that not only your personal midwife cares for you but a second midwife that you will have previously met will be there also, again recognising the importance of continuity of midwifery carer and making it our priority whenever possible.

We are also able to facilitate and help you work towards a guaranteed homebirth if this is something you wish for.

our promise to you

We can care for you during your labour and birth too...

Whether you want a home birth or a hospital birth, we will be sure to care for you, support your needs and help guide you, as much as you require and wish, every step of the way!


"Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life." – Ina May Gaskin



Your Pregnancy, Your Labour and Your Options

We believe that pregnancy and birth are far more than the miraculous physical transformation they are often seen as. We also hold incredible value in recognising pregnancy and birth as a significant spiritual transformation of the mind, body, and soul, at a time of great significance, during the childbirth rite of passage.

We will be encouraging you to embrace and work with the biological elements of pregnancy and childbirth, that are beyond your conscious control, rather than attempt to manipulate them, beat them or even predict them. Your birth will be many things but may it absolutely be empowering.

Information is power, but only when you take action with it does it become truly empowering.

"An independent midwifery service with something for any and every stage of a mother's journey" – The Nurture Mama

Last but definitely not least!

We provide postnatal care, support and information on looking after you and your baby after birth, including that all important emotional support for you and other family members.

Next Steps

Ad hoc appointments

£80 p/h

You can hire a midwife for antenatal, labour, or postnatal with our ad hoc appointments. Giving you all the empowerment you need, when you need it.

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Midwifery care packages
Starting from £1350

When you trust us to be your midwife with one of our comprehensive packages, you will receive continuity of care and dedicated support throughout.

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