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It is not only those initial moments after birth, but also the plentiful moments extending out into the early postnatal period that are incredibly crucial to yours and your baby’s transition to motherhood and this world accordingly. Integration of this new way of life into your family life will happen, but you can guarantee it will happen a lot more smoothly and harmoniously with adequate support, both physically and emotionally, from your midwifery care provider.

Here at The Nurture Mama, we are perfectly suited to provide postnatal care and or support, to you and your baby, that will meet your every need. All of yours and your baby’s care will be provided seamlessly, to you all, in the comfort of your own home, at times that suit you best. By adhering to all our company values with diligence, we will provide you with postnatal midwifery services that are second to none. Whether it is a physical need or an emotional one, we will be there for you. Unity being one of our company values, will mean that bringing everyone together within the postnatal period will be something that we focus on a lot.

This part of the bump, birth and beyond experience is commonly overlooked. In the current maternity system, the NHS service is overstretched and despite best efforts, it is common that families are left feeling as though the postnatal aspects of their care are rushed and lacking.

We will be at your service as little or as much as you need and for as long as you require. We always think about how much individualised care matters at this stage of the journey, and the same can be said for continuity of care.

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