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Why Choose Us As Your Independent Midwife?

Are you curious about what an independent midwife does? Perhaps you’re thinking what an independent midwife can offer you that is different or better to what the NHS already offers. Or maybe you already know that you want and need an independent midwife; in that case, let me to explain why choosing The Nurture Mama as your independent midwife will be wonderful for you. In this article, I will explain the need for independent midwives and what you can expect from The Nurture Mama.

Sophie Robinson is an independent midwife. She used to work for the NHS and then founded The Nurture Mama. She started out on this journey to create and provide a midwifery service that is very different to what people access within the NHS. A midwifery service built on a strong foundation of trust that in turn nurtures the person’s self-trust, key for blissful bump, birth and beyond journeys. The Nurture Mama provides pregnant, birthing and postnatal people with full access to care, support, and information, throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond, as wished for or needed.

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things. Wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities...” – Eda LeShan

4 Reasons to Choose The Nurture Mama

What is an independent midwife? Sophie Robinson: “Independent midwives like NHS midwives, provide midwifery care but most importantly are truly able to be with woman, pregnant person, birthing person and parent. Provided, they are safe and effective, that they adhere to all aspects of the midwifery code of conduct, most significantly, independent midwives care truly autonomously.”

"Your midwife is your support system, your confidant, your protector."


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