Our promise to you

Your Pregnancy & Our Promise to You

From very early on when accessing services here at The Nurture Mama, we hope that our intentions are clear to you.

First and foremost, we promise to nurture your self-trust as we believe this is a vital step in you working towards, a strong and positive experience overall regardless of whatever happens. We want you, if you do not already, to recognise your absolute power and to unleash it in order to materialise your true potential throughout and, to remain proud and be reminded of the things you are capable of, always!

We also promise you kindness, respect, transparency, fairness, patience, equality and of course continuity of care. We are proud to uphold these values and guarantee that all this runs deep, throughout all our care and support provisions.

Your Birth & Our Promise to You

Here at The Nurture Mama, we believe that viewing birth as a period of transformation or a rite of passage between significant life stages, that is beyond our conscious control, encourages a pressure free, inclusive and universalised visualisation and experience of birth, for all.

Birth can be spiritual, uniting, empowering and sometimes healing. Viewing and inspiring those around us to view birth this way, encourages all to embrace the biological elements of the incredible transformation, rather than attempt to control, manipulate or predict them. An independent midwife can help to facilitate transformation.

Where possible we aim to help you remain happily, safely and confidently away from unnecessary intervention, which has unfortunately become a cultural norm within the maternity system we know. We like to focus on reinforcing your self-trust and where needed we can be an important part of your sense of security, helping you well on your way to the next part of your journey.

We focus on the important fact that; you will be the one going through the transformative rite of passage that is childbirth. You are powerful enough to do so, we will be there to; care for you as wished for and needed, to remind you of your strengths and we will be honoured to witness you and walk alongside you through your birth.

Whether it be at home or in hospital, here at The Nurture Mama we know how to and want to facilitate an environment to support your natural physiology and guide you on your way to achieving your blissful birth however that may be.

Your Beyond & Our Promise to You

The postnatal period is often overlooked, and people can enter this stage of the journey feeling unprepared which can be extremely overwhelming. If you plan on benefiting from our services during this stage of your journey, or if you have already received care and or support from The Nurture Mama, an independent midwife service, you will be pleased to hear that our high quality care and support does not stop there, we will uphold all our values and our promise to you, and provide a postnatal midwifery service that is second to none. Leaving all everyone feeling empowered and more.

"Space and time with my midwife feel protected."

Our Values

The Nurture Mama provides care and support, in line with our four most significant values. Our priority is ensuring our patients feel safe and confident with our independent midwife services.

Private Midwife Services Birmingham


We value trust, transparency and fairness. We believe our impact is stronger with trust and it's at the heart of what we do.
Private Midwife Services Birmingham


We operate with kindness and with respect for other people, no matter what their perspectives, circumstances and experiences are.
Private Midwife Services Birmingham



Private Midwife Services Birmingham


We embrace our relationships and understand that when we collaborate effectively, we perform at our best.

"A woman in birth is at once her most powerful, and most vulnerable. But any woman who has birthed unhindered understands that we are stronger than we know." – Marcie Macari


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